Restructuring at Axel Springer, as BILD and WELT split

Axel Springer has today announced that it is to break flagship organisations BILD Group and WELT Group out into separate entities, each with its own CEO. The two companies had previously been managed jointly under the umbrella of News Media National (NMN).

Going forward, BILD will be managed by CEO, Cladius Senst, with Carolin Hulshoff Pol becoming the CEO of WELT. The restructure has been designed to make structures clearer, accelerate decision-making processes, and strengthen the brand identification and target group appeal of BILD and WELT individually.

Mathias Döpfner, Chairman of the Executive Board for Axel Springer, said: “We want to strengthen the journalistic core of the brands even more and invest in the digital future of journalism. This cannot be achieved with more centralization, but with more decentralized entrepreneurial energy. Therefore, we will organize BILD and WELT more independently and as leanly as possible. In the future, strong Editors-in-Chief and strong entrepreneurs will run the brands like their own companies.”

Board level changes

Meanwhile, the company also today announced that Ulrike Handel will be resigning from the Axel Springer Executive Board and leaving the company at the end of the year, by way of mutual agreement.

Ralph Büchi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Axel Springer, said: “In the course of the strategy project for News Media National, we came to this mutual decision due to differing views on the direction and structure of the division. We thank Ulrike Handel for her great commitment to Axel Springer and wish her all the best for her professional and personal future.”

Ulrike Handel added: “I found Axel Springer to be a highly entrepreneurial and dynamic environment. Above all, I have been able to work with very motivated and professional people. I consider this a gift. I would like to thank the Supervisory Board, my colleagues on the Executive Board and all employees for the time we have spent together. I wish them the best success in the upcoming transformation.”

With immediate effect, Mathias Döpfner will assume responsibility for both BILD and WELT on the Executive Board. All the latest from Axel Springer here.