Independent and E.ON partner on carbon footprint campaign

The Independent and E.ON Next have announced a new partnership designed to encourage families to feel good about reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprints. The multi-platform campaign, overseen by Independent Ignite – the publication’s commercial content arm – will feature ex-Gogglebox stars Marcus and Mica offering practical tips for households to cut energy use and help tackle climate change.

The #PowerSwitch campaign will reach a wide audience with the message of how people can make their own meaningful contribution to taking action for climate by reducing their energy use. It will be rolled out across The Independent’s content, TV, and social channels.

Rob Ramsey, Head of TV at Independent Ignite, said: “We are delighted to be working with E.ON Next on Ignite’s biggest campaign yet, which is truly representative of our decades-long commitment to sustainability, and contributes towards our mission to Make Change Happen across our commercial partnerships as well as our editorial.”

Marcus and Mica, who featured in the #PowerSwitch campaign and previously starred in Gogglebox, said: “We are proud to have been a part of this campaign with E.ON Next – it is important that we all do our bit to help fight climate change and contribute towards making the world more sustainable. It is fair to say that we had great fun coming up with the ideas in the series and trying them out.”

The series, produced by Zinc Media/Red Sauce, follows Marcus and Mica through a competitive cook-off of the tastiest lower emissions meals, Marcus’s first ever cold shower, and an entirely screen-free family games night, showing how working together on the common goal of reducing their energy use can help bring them closer together.

Editorial content provides insight into easy ways of reducing CO2 emissions, while eCommerce content from Indy Best recommends some of the best energy saving domestic appliances. Meanwhile, video elements across all content inspire viewers to find their own ways to incorporate energy saving into their everyday lives – without a sense of sacrifice.