Bauer Media Audio UK secures record 22.8m reach

Bauer Media Audio UK is celebrating year on year growth across each of its major networks this quarter, leading to a record 22.8m reach, according to the latest RAJAR figures. The arrival of Ken Bruce at Greatest Hits Radio has driven record increases for the station, with Simon Mayo now the UK’s biggest commercial drivetime show. Overall commercial radio is thriving, up from 36.2m listeners last year, now reaching a record 39.2m listeners every week (+8% YoY).

Standout performances this quarter, include:

  • The Hits Radio Brand Network is the UK’s biggest commercial network. Comprised of the Hits Radio and Greatest Hits Radio Networks, it secured further record reach this quarter with 11.4m listeners each week (+20.5% YoY). When partner stations are added it has record reach of 13.5m (+17.9% YoY).
  • The Greatest Hits Radio Network has rocketed to 5.9m listeners a month (+47.6% YoY), another record for the station which is still under 5 years old. It’s a fantastic performance from Ken Bruce who reaches an incredible 3m listeners on his show, nearly double the audience from last year in that daypart (+93% YOY).
  • Simon Mayo has a record 2.3m listeners (+62% YoY) and Rossie has the 3rdbiggest national commercial Breakfast show with a record 2.3m reach (+54% YoY).
  • The Hits Radio Network reaches 6.6m listeners (+5% YoY), and the main Hits Radio station has 1.8m reach (+40.8% YoY).
  • The Absolute Radio Network has increased its audience again this quarter, now reaching a record 5.4m listeners (+7.5% YOY). Dave Berry is celebrating record reach at Breakfast with 2.3m listeners and at Hometime, Bush and Richie now have more listeners than ever before, with an audience of 2.1m.
  • The Magic Radio Network records 3.9m reach, with main station Magic Radioup to 3m (+12.1% YoY).
  • The KISS Network has 4.2m reach, and the main station has 2.5m listeners every week. KISSTORY is the UK’s biggest commercial digital station also reaching2.5m listeners (+20.1% YoY).

Once again Bauer is also celebrating record digital listening, with 80% of its audiences listening via digital devices. It’s also ahead of the market in terms of listening via connected devices, with the company reporting 30% of listening via smart speaker, web and app.

Simon Myciunka, CEO for Bauer Media Audio UK said “What a time to join the Bauer UK team. It’s incredible to see such strong performances across the board, not only for Bauer and each of its networks but commercial radio overall. Radio is thriving, delivering excellent value and return on investment, while growth in digital listening presents even more opportunities for the future… there’s never been a better time to partner with us.”