All Roads Lead to Rome

Our unique 8-step media process can be seen to embody an ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’ marketing strategy, because each and every activity we undertake is designed to draw audiences back to the branded website where they can ultimately be converted into leads. And if you like your ancient city analogies, then from a strategic communications pov this process can also be visualised as an ‘Atlantean approach’, building key messaging out from the central city rings into the outside world.

We begin with quality content, be that in the form of a report, a video, a press release, etc. From there messaging is communicated with key stakeholders including senior execs, staff, and journalists, before being uploaded to your website, optimised for search, and pushed out on social media channels. Once all of the organic stuff is done we begin to look at paid marketing and advertising platforms to broaden pickup, and finally at the end of each month we sit down, look at what worked, what could be improved, and feed this intelligence back into the next month’s round of content creation.

Choose Your Pathway

Of course, different activities work best for different businesses in different sectors, and we can provide services on either an individual project, agency, or consultancy basis. The key is to find what works best for you, and focus on maximising both effectiveness and efficiency.