Atlantean Approach

Over the past 15yrs, inPress Online has significantly expanded its service offering, evolving within a media landscape that is constantly in flux. Today, being ‘in press’ is no longer simply about securing that newspaper article, or even social media spot. It’s about being in an ongoing state of communication with new and existing audiences alike, and joining-up messaging across key stakeholder groups.

New for 2024, our unique Atlantean approach to communications helps organisations build consistent messaging from the inside out, achieving growth across awareness, reputation, engagement, response, and ROI.

This strategy moves through the 10 key stages of:

Just be careful not to drown out your audiences with too many one way communications!

Agency, Consultancy, Project

While a joined-up approach to the modern media works best, inPress Online understands that specific clients may require tailored support in specific areas. For that reason, we can provide services on an agency, consultancy, or individual project basis, working alongside organisations’ existing teams, or bringing in experts from our extensive network of media and marketing professionals.

Everything we do across public relations, marketing, and advertising is designed to maximise both effectiveness and efficiency, and as the above Atlantean Approach indicates, we don’t look at paid spend options until we’ve comprehensively leveraged organic channels. To find out how inPress can help your brand, simply contact us today.