Atlantean Approach

inPress Online provides joined-up services across public relations, marketing, and advertising. Our unique Atlantean Approach to communications helps brands build messaging from the inside out, expanding audiences and achieving growth across awareness, reputation, response, and ROI.

This process moves through the 10 key stages of:

Product Marketing
Content Creation
Internal & Stakeholder Comms
Public Relations
Social Media
Direct Marketing

Agency, Consultancy, Project

While the Atlantean Approach to communications represents the optimal way of delivering joined-up messaging in today’s fragmented media landscape, inPress Online also has significant experience in working alongside existing teams on specific activities, and ensuring that they dovetail seamlessly with organisations’ wider marketing strategies.

We can provide services on an agency, consultancy, or individual project basis, and in addition to our direct clients we have over the years helped a wide variety of associations and larger agencies enhance their own service offerings. Simply get in contact today to find out how inPress Online can help your brand.