A third ancient mythological city to keep in mind when considering a comprehensive media strategy is Coruscant. Star Wars fans may recognise this as the city planet at the heart of the Galactic Empire, and while its story takes place ‘A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away’ it’s the futuristic makeup of this landscape that’s of relevance here.

Every marketing communications activity we undertake can be tracked to show its validity, and in this way you can also think of us as an analytics agency. So for example we know the popularity, in terms of readers, between one news article and another. Print and outdoor media can be published with a unique phone number, to track calls directly from specific ads. Clicks on individual links can be counted, as can video views and social engagements, and regular SEO reporting informs us of your visibility on Google for specific products and services.


At the end of each month, we sit down and analyse the impact of each individual activity we undertake, figuring out what worked, what didn’t perform so well, and what could be done better next month to optimise results. This analytical approach allows us to apply commercial viability to creative endeavour, and use historic activities to feed back into future planning.


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