Building Relationships

inPress Online was first founded by Jamie Gavin in 2010, to provide a more modern approach to traditional public relations that placed businesses and brands into the three places that mattered most in the media of the day: in the online press, atop the Google rankings, and on the social timelines.

We have since then worked with 75+ organisations, of varying size and sector, in numerous markets around the world, and significantly expanded our offering to help companies across their entire business development strategies.

Services can be delivered on an agency, consultancy, or individual project basis, and this flexible approach allows us to work closely with clients and their existing teams, as well as bringing in freelance designers, developers, social and video professionals, etc., where these expertise can add value.

Our unique ‘Atlantean Approach’ to communications builds joined-up messaging from the inside of organisations out, to carefully navigate today’s fragmented media landscape, expand audiences and achieve growth across awareness, reputation, engagement, response, and ROI. Find out more.


“An agency with a great knowledge of digital and social media. From the get-go, inPress Online were conscientious, intelligent, and a pleasure to work with.”

— Edwina Dunn, CEO, Starcount


“In what has been an extremely successful partnership, inPress Online has helped AOP expand its communication strategy and has provided excellent strategic consultancy and advice. We have made successful steps forward in our own communications strategy that inPress Online was able to help us take.”

–Tim Faircliff, Managing Director, Association of Online Publishers (AOP)


“inPress has helped us to streamline our various social media platforms and really bump up our presence online. At a point in time where the arts and entertainment industries are becoming increasingly digitised, it’s important to keep up, on behalf of both ourselves and our clientbase.”

— Niki Winterson, CEO & Lead Agent, Winterson’s


“It’s not often you have cause for a double celebration but this announcement definitely falls into that category. Everyone at FIPP is delighted for our good friend and valued colleague Sylkia as she temporarily departs on the new adventure that maternity leave brings. We’ll all be looking forward to welcoming her back in due course. And who better to replace her than our long-standing contributor and colleague Jamie Gavin, who already knows FIPP so well and has made excellent contributions to FIPP’s market-leading content. I’m looking forward to working with Jamie as we build on Sylkia’s fantastic new editorial strategy.”

— James Hewes, President & CEO, FIPP – The Global Media Network


“In our industry it’s important to tailor the marketing to direct product searches online. inPress Online has helped us to rank on page 1 of Google for 180+ relevant searches within our sector, as well as attracting those new audiences that aren’t already looking for us through the press, social, events, etc. We have been working with them for many years now and I would highly recommend.”

— Chris Smith, Founder & Managing Director, Mixamate


“inPress Online Managing Director, Jamie Gavin, is a skilled writer and communicator with a flourish for the English language. He is a strong relationship builder with an envious Rolodex among the digital media press. His sharp analytical capabilities have helped him develop an expertise in the happenings of the digital media world from both a global and local industry perspective. His passion and drive for the online space is a credit to our industry.”

— Andrew Lipsman, SVP Marketing & Insights, comScore


“I first worked with inPress managing director, Jamie Gavin at Spinlet, where he was instrumental in amplifying our messaging across an international audience. Since first setting up my strategic comms agency – ASP Global – in 2016, we have forged a strong strategic relationship with the entire inPress team and our work together enables us to get a broader global fix on the changing nature of the media tech industry internationally.”

— Nkiru Balonwu, Founder & Creative Director, Africa Soft Power