Easter leaves egg on the face of Deliveroo

We’re kicking things off slightly later this week, as many countries around the world return from their Easter break. There’s certainly egg on the face of Deliveroo, who one of the company’s bankers last week described as having experienced, “the worst IPO in London’s history”. But while the chips are down for the online delivery company, research shows that global consumer confidence is back on the up, and interest in self-care is also growing. So grab your Mon—Tuesday morning coffee, and join us for your free delivery of weekly media trends… 

Deliveroo: the ‘worst IPO in London’s history’? Deliveroo made the headlines for all the wrong reasons last week, when it suffered a calamitous introduction to the London Stock Exchange.

Consumer confidence: back on the up? The economy nonetheless, has always been judged on Main Street as well as Wall Street, and new research from global marketing firm Harte Hanks suggests that as more vaccines are distributed, consumer confidence is beginning to bounce back from lockdown frustration.

Health matters: Another report released at the end of March reveals that self-care has also become an important issue for consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One to watch: And finally… Luxury Italian fashion brand Botegga Veneta has launched a digital quarterly journal, as the Guardian last week reported: ‘Fashion world will watch with interest after brand replaces social media posts with magazine.’

And as for FIPP… We’re back with a bang from our own Easter break as the Digital Innovators Summit continues TODAY with a look at sustainability in the media industry.

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