Google round-up, DIS2021, plus the rest of the world

Google continues to hog the media headlines (in more ways than one) and we’ve put together a concise overview of the key issues here – all of the info, minus the headache! We’ve also got an exclusive interview with the Tony Blair Institute on social media regulation, the return of BBC3, Daily Mail buys New Scientist… and of course, this week marks the launch of this year’s Digital Innovators Summit (DIS), Europe’s premier media tech event!

Google Round-up: OK let’s keep this one niiiiiiice and simple, by visualising all of the noise currently surrounding Google as two speakers emanating from the company, being pointed at the ears of publishers and advertisers…

Tony Blair Institute on social media regulation: From Twitter and free speech, to Google vs Publishers, much has been written in recent weeks about media tech regulation (see above). The trouble is that particularly when it comes to social media, while many of us may talk a good game, very few are able to conceptualise what regulation might physically look like on the ground. Cue Max Beverton-Palmer.

The return of BBC3: UK television channel BBC3 will return to screens next year, it has been announced. The brand went online only in 2016 after 13yrs as a broadcast channel, and it’s hoped that its return will help to increase the diversity and creativity of the broadcaster’s overall output.

Daily Mail buys New Scientist: Staying in the UK momentarily, one of the more interesting deals to hit the media headlines last week was that Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) has acquired New Scientist magazine in a £70m (US$96m) cash deal.

The Digital Innovators Summit (DIS): Finally, we don’t need an ‘And from FIPP…’ section this week, because our latest announcement IS the news! The Digital Innovators Summit, Europe’s leading event for the media tech industry, which is presented by FIPP in collaboration with VDZ, launches this Tuesday 9 March.

You can read the article in full on the FIPP website here.