Facebook goes from being da bomb to dropping a bomb

The latest Week Kick-off article, written by inPress MD Jamie Gavin and published on the FIPP website, is now live. Facebook appears to have completed its journey from being da bomb to dropping a bomb on the media landscape, as the company began blocking news content from its platforms in Australia.

There is also a huge amount of additional activity going on in Medialand right now, and this week we also look at:

  • Creating a podcast Empire: Bauer’s flagship movie magazine has been charging readers to tune in to its ‘Spoiler Special’ podcasts for just over 12 months, and following some audience feedback and package tinkering, has arrived at a strong monetisation model.
  • Looking to the future: Some positive news from Future dropped on Friday, by way of a buoyant tweet and accompanying press release, which cited some of the company’s latest wins.
  • NASA shows the importance of Perseverance: NASA made history again on Friday when its Perseverance Rover landed on Mars, in a crater believed to have at one time held a lake on the red planet.
  • Streaming turns into a river: FIPP CEO James Hewes has in his latest letter to the industry, emphasised the growing importance of OTT streaming services within the wider media-sphere.

You can read the full article on the FIPP website here.