Restaurants, clubhouses, and flying taxis

In this week’s kick-off, we’re looking beyond the regulatory headlines to more frivolous affairs. We’ll be popping into Vogue Café Bejing, followed by an exclusive invite-only Clubhouse, and of course just the thing you need after all that venue hopping: flying taxis. But before we delve into this menu of media delights, it’s important to note that something serious is going on in Mediaville right now, and excuse us if you’ve Reddit elsewhere already…

Reddit trading: The short on this is that WallStreetBets is a Reddit group that has existed for years, and at the time of writing has 5.7 million members.

Vogue restaurant: Last November, Condé Nast opened Vogue Café Bejing. The real-world brand extension offers a sophisticated dining experience, inclusive of a reception desk built from 700 copies of the magazine.

From the restaurant to the Clubhouse: Sticking with FIPP reporting, Sadie Hale this week takes a look at Clubhouse, the exclusive invite-only app that’s finding a following within celebrity circles

Flying taxis: And as promised, we’ve got flying taxis! The consistently excellent Sifted (‘Startup Europe explored through grown up reporting’, back by the Financial Times) reports that “The UK’s first air hub for flying taxis and autonomous delivery drones is to be built in Coventry, with the backing of the UK government.”

And for our part… FIPP has now published a new report in partnership with Tipser, looking at the The State of Content and Commerce.

You can read the full article on the FIPP website here.