Regulation, regulation, regulation

Welcome to The Week Kick-off: inPress Founder, Jamie’s Gavin’s new weekly roundup of media tech trends for FIPP, the global media network. It’s been a week of reckoning for the sector, in which many newsfeed platforms have been making the news headlines themselves, so let’s dive right in and at this moment in time, here are your key industry issues…

Trump’s spotlight burns out in flames of insurrection: By now it can’t have escaped anybody’s attention that outgoing US President, Donald Trump, has been banned from just about every mainstream social media network known to man, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Regulation, regulation, regulation: It’s also no secret that the Trump affair serves to highlight the wider issues surrounding the social media sector today. In response to the attack the world witnessed in real-time on the United States Capitol, FIPP CEO James Hewes emphasised that for him, these issues are less to do with free speech and more about the obvious need for digital platforms to be regulated as publishers. You can read his words in an open letter here.

Bloomberg Covid tracker: As social media evolution turns increasingly to political revolution, we are reminded of the importance of more traditional forms of media, particularly during the time of Covid. One such example is Bloomberg’s Covid Tracker. The site provides regularly updated figures relating to cases, hospitalisations, vaccinations and more, analysing key statistics from across the US and around the world.

Education, education, education: And as if the provision of factual information wasn’t enough, the BBC has gone a step further by bringing televised education to children across the UK.

And from FIPP this week: For our part, last week saw the first FIPP Insider webinar of the season, as we took a varied look at how media companies can expect to/will attempt to bounceback from Covid in 2021.

You can read the article in full on the FIPP website here.